We’re always happy to help.

Rest assured, we’re wanting all our customers to have a great experience with us, and your loyalty and recommendation means more to us than a single one-time sale. That’s why, where we are able to, we offer the following complimentary services.

Free Wiper Fitting

When you buy a pair of wipers from us you can rest assured that the wipers will be fitted correctly and tested before you leave. All wipers offered are OE original equipment unless customer opts for the cheaper range. We offer all types of different wipers from flat, flexi and standard





Oil and Coolant Check

 Oil and coolant is just one of the many components to a engine that are vital in keeping your vehicle on the road. Most vehicles today will inform you if there is not enough oil in the vehicle but many still rely on the traditional dipstick method to check the oil. At Motorwares, we can check the oil level and look for any other vital fluids that may need to be toped up or replaced. all oil stocked at Motorwares is done so to meet every vehicles specifications. If you are in doubt as to which oil to use our friendly staff will be happy to help.

Bulb  Check

Bulbs are used frequently when driving. most bulbs have a set life and usually go in pairs. At Motorwares, not only do we supply a large variety of bulbs but now stock new brighter led bulbs. We offer OE quality marked E1 bulbs to ensure our customers not only get the best value for money, but longevity too.

Battery and Alternator Test

The most common issue in cars today are problems with batteries. Without a sufficient battery, often many cars struggle or won't start. Batteries are under greater strain in cold weather, alternator problems or many short journeys. At Motorwares, cars suffering from battery problem are tested in-house and appropriate advice is given if the battery needs replacing. We stock a wide range of batteries to suit all budgets.